University of Kentucky
       West Campus Precinct Infrastructure
       Lexington, Kentucky

A. M. Kinney, Inc. (AMK) was selected by the University of Kentucky (UK) as the Architect/Engineer of Record for the new Biomedical Biological Sciences Research Building (BBSRB) project. The scope of the project was to determine a precinct site, master plan the precinct and design the BBSRB as the first structure on the precinct.

As a part of the site, named the “West Campus Precinct”, a new major Infrastructure system is required. The first stage components of that Infrastructure are steam, chilled water, electrical power and communications as required to support the BBSRB. These systems are also planned to provide added service as “peaking” sources for the general campus systems and to serve the future buildings in the new Precinct.

The initial constructions of this infrastructure are a new Central Utility Plant (CUP) Phase 1, a cooling tower complex, a new major electrical substation, an emergency power generation system and fuel storage elements. Underground Distribution Systems (“Spine”) for these components are planned and major portions of them constructed as part of the BBSRB Project.

This Phase 1 Infrastructure consists of the 12,000 square foot CUP (expandable to 24,000 square feet) with 2,500 tons of chiller capacity (expandable to 15,000 tons), a 150,000 pounds/ hour boiler system of 150 psig steam (expandable to 450,000 pounds/ hour) and a 4160V primary electric with 480V in the CUP providing 12,500V to the BBSRB laboratories. The underground distribution systems are a 16 inch steam main and an 8 inch return installed in a covered trench and 36 inch direct buried chilled water supply and return mains.

A. M. Kinney created a sub-team of designers for the Infrastructure work which is intergraded into the BBSRB project both functionally and aesthetically. The Infrastructure cost was fixed at $10M and the schedule for it was planned and project managed by AMK to complete in time to serve the new BBSRB.